General Terms of Business

1. Introduction

The following General Terms of Business apply to the product offering, sales, shipment, modes of payment and right of withdrawal for products available from They are available in English, German and Italian. All products offered for sale at are marketed directly by WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, Via Pianizza di Sopra 58, I-39052 Caldaro BZ, Iscr. Reg. Imp. n. 02452830215, C.F. LDRWFG69R13F132F e P.IVA n. 02452830215. For further information, call +3904711726554 or mail to WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl electronic retail offers apply only to consumers who are physical persons who have reached the age of legal maturity, and in accordance with the laws and regulations for electronic trading. The term “consumer” means any person who makes use of our website at in a private capacity, i.e without any commercial, professional or entrepreneurial interests. Non-consumers within this meaning of the word are asked to contact us by sending an e-mail to

2. Registration

To enter into a purchase agreement, the user must register and open a customer account at There is no charge for registration, which involves filling in the appropriate form with your given name, surname, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number and a password (hereinafter called “registration data”). The registration data may only be used by the registered user and may not be communicated to third parties. The user is responsible for ensuring that his/her registration data are complete and correct. To complete the registration process, the customer must confirm that he/she has read and accepts the Privacy Rules pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR") governing the use of personal data by WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl has the right, at its own discretion, to refuse any customer registration and to delete any accounts and all appurtenant data that are illegal, defamatory of WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl and/or its products and/or third parties or generally insulting, defamatory or in any way illegal.

3. Purchase agreement

To conclude a purchase agreement, the registered customer must fill in the appropriate order form electronically and e-mail it to WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl by following the step by step instructions provided on the website. The registered user is entitled to receive an invoice for his/her purchase on request. In that case he/she must supply the data required to complete the invoice (VAT and tax numbers). The customer may provide an invoice address that differs from the delivery address and can also specify whether the goods have been ordered as a present. Before finalizing the purchase agreement, the relevant information concerning the goods to be ordered is displayed together with the total price (including taxes, shipping charges, customs duties where applicable and all other additional costs that may be incurred) and notice of the customer’s right of withdrawal. Before the order is forwarded, the following information is also displayed: the various steps for conclusion of the agreement, the mode of archiving the concluded agreement and the steps to be taken to correct any mistakes and to select alternative languages to Italian to conclude the agreement. Before the agreement is sent, the customer is requested to accept the General Terms of Business and other information provided on including the Privacy Rules pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR"). By sending the order, the customer undertakes to pay the total amount. The purchase agreement is considered to have been concluded when WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl has registered the order form and verified the correctness of the order and payment data. On conclusion of the agreement, the customer will receive from WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl an e-mail containing the following information: confirmation of the order, including a summary of the General Terms of Business, information on the purchased products, the amount of the total price (including shipment and any other costs incurred), the selected method of payment and the notice of the customer’s right of withdrawal. Customers are recommended to save the mail with the order confirmation. The products offered for sale by WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl can only be sold and shipped to the countries listed on the order form. Countries that are not listed on the order form cannot be selected and orders to such countries cannot therefore be placed. In such cases, customers are asked to send an e-mail to specifying the required products and the delivery address. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl will reply with the information needed to proceed with the order. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl has the right to refuse an order if the required product is not available at the time of ordering or if WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl does not have the necessary confidence in the customer. In such cases, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl will send an e-mail to the customer stating that the purchase agreement has not been concluded, explaining the reasons and suggesting alternative solutions. Where the products ordered are not available at the time of ordering, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl shall communicate the fact and suggest alternative goods of the same or a higher value. As an alternative, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl will refund the corresponding payments already made. We inform Consumers residing in Europe that for the resolution of disputes arising from online purchases of goods or services on our site, may contact, after preliminary contact with us aimed at resolving the complaint directly, to the ADR body "", on the website Via Dodiciville, 2 I-39100 Bolzano (BZ) tel. 0471/975597, fax 0471/979914, or they can file a complaint by accessing the ODR Platform, set up by the European Commission, at the following link

4. Products

The characteristics of the products available from WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl are specified in the individual product descriptions to be found on The visual properties, photographs and colors may differ from the actual products, also depending on the browser or monitor used.

5. Prices

All prices of the products offered are quoted inclusive of Italian VAT. Shipping charges are listed separately on the order form and vary from country to country. Any taxes, customs duties and other charges relating to the destination country are also listed separately on the order form and vary from country to country.

6. Payment

The following modes of payment are available:

1) PayPal

(With PayPal, you pay with a credit card or your PayPal account). There are no additional charges for registered customers.

2) Bank transfer

Payments are to be made to the account of WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, SPARKASSE bank branch of Appiano (BZ) IBAN: IT79Q0604558160000005000650 BIC CRBZIT2B010, quoting the customer’s surname and the order number as the payment reference.

All data required for the transaction are sent to PayPal using encrypted protocols so that third-party access is excluded. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl only has access to the data to handle the transactions needed for purchases and refunds.

7. Shipment and delivery

WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl only ships products to consignees/customers who are at least 18 years old and always observes the relevant legal provisions in the destination country. In Italy, deliveries are normally made on working days, usually two to four working days following conclusion of the purchase order and receipt of confirmation of the corresponding payment. Shipments to other countries usually take between five and nine working days following conclusion of the purchase order and receipt of payment. Please note that, in cases of payment by bank transfer, it usually takes two working days for confirmation of payment to arrive. For shipment and delivery, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl cooperates with the best national and international forwarding agents (BRT, UPS). They have complete responsibility for the shipments, from collection of the goods to delivery to the consignee. Shipments from WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl are covered by various insurance policies. In the case of delivery of a package from WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl that bears visible signs of damage (dents, holes, stains, etc.), the recipient must write “Accepted with reservation” when signing for it on the delivery note. In the case of damaged or defective goods, the recipient must communicate the details within 14 days of receipt by sending an e-mail to or calling +39.0471.1726554. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl will contact the customer to arrange for replacement of the damaged goods or a refund of the purchase price, possibly in the form of a voucher. WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl reserves the right to require customers who report the receipt of damaged or defective goods to provide evidence, including photographs, in support of their claims. Any additional shipment costs incurred for replacing the goods will be borne by WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl. The customer is responsible for any damage to the goods caused by improper use or handling except for unavoidable damage resulting from measures needed to determine the condition of the goods concerned. In cases of deterioration in the taste of the wine due to a defective bottle cap or cork, the customers must communicate the details to WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl by sending an e-mail to within 14 days of opening the bottle and must also send the defective cap or cork. The customer is also obliged to store the bottle and its contents for the period required to confirm the defect. Where the defect reported by the customer is confirmed by WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, the defective bottle will be replaced or a voucher issued equal to or in excess of the value of the defective product, which can be used to purchase other products available on the website.

8. Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Decree no. 206/2005, the purchaser/customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days of receipt of the goods, without stating a reason and without incurring any penalty, by addressing a written declaration to that effect to WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl in the form of an e-mail sent to or a letter to WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, Via Pianizza di Sopra 58, I-39052 Caldaro BZ. The declaration of withdrawal must specify the individual products, with order numbers and dates, for which the customer wishes to take advantage of the right of withdrawal.

Template for declaration of withdrawal

To WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, Via Pianizza di Sopra 58, I-39052 Caldaro BZ

I hereby withdraw from the agreement for the purchase of the following goods: (provide list of products)

Order date:

Order number:

Date of receipt of the goods:

Customer’s name and address:


Signature of the customer (in case of written declaration):

In the case of legitimate use of the right of withdrawal, the customer must act without delay and within 14 days at the latest to return the purchased goods to the following address: WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl, via Pianizza di Sopra 58, Caldaro BZ I-39052,

The cost of the return shipment shall be borne by the customer. That also applies where goods go missing or are damaged prior to or during shipment. In the case of legitimate use of the right of withdrawal by the customer, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl shall refund the corresponding payments already received. Such refunds will be made using the mode of payment employed by the customer to make the original payment. For such refunds, WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl must first receive the returned products and verify that they are undamaged and in good condition. The customer will then receive confirmation that the goods are identical with the order sent and are undamaged, and the refund will be made as soon as possible and within 14 days from the date of the last e-mail sent at the latest.

9. Privacy

Please consult the Privacy Rules pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR") of WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl for information on the use of personal data.

10. Legal basis and legal domicile

The General Terms of Business of WeineWolf - W.Ladurner srl are based on Italian law, in particular on the Decrees of 6 September 2005 no. 206 c.d. and 9 April 2003 no. 70 c.d. The products are sold in Italy, and sales are subject to the relevant provisions of the law of the Republic of Italy. In the case of any dispute arising from a purchase agreement or sale, that court of law shall have jurisdiction that was competent when the agreement was concluded.

11. Amendments and updates

As a result of changes in the company’s needs or on the market or to relevant laws, these General Terms of Business may be modified in the course of time. All such changes shall be published on the company’s website at and shall come into effect on the date of publication.